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The Program consists of partnering in buying and selling Real Estate with Joint Venture Partnership LLC (JVP)

 This will be accomplished with any of the following strategies:

      Lease options                                       Wholesaling

 Owner financing                                     Renovation

              Subject to                                 Commercial Properties

Short sales                                           Self-Storage

                Multi-Family                            Vacation and  Student Rentals

Land Development                            Mobile Home Parks

Duties of Member

  • Generate Leads
  • Do marketing for Properties, Sellers and Buyers
  • Choose best prospects to work on and communicate all info with JVP
  • To do Due Diligence,
  • Set Appointments, visit properties to collect info, and present agreements
  • Attract buyers and pick good prospects and alert JVP, show property when applicable
  • Monitor all closings and coordinate with JVP on paperwork
  • If Renovation, collect repair estimates. monitor job site and communicate with JVP

 Duties of Joint Venture Partnership LLC

  • Help Member how and where to generate leads
  • Help Member on what to say to sellers and Buyers
  • Review all Prospects info with Member, formulate offers
  • Help analyze the deal to make sure it is a deal
  • Help Member with Marketing the property, and review Marketing material
  • Help Member get funds if needed to purchase or renovate property
  • Help Member fill out contracts & review before presenting to seller / buyer
  • Review all closing paperwork
  • Help prepare Scope of work for rehab estimates
  • Help on Contractor selection and review contracts
  • Help Member on all other aspects of investing in the Property.

Joint Venture Partner-Member Program

Be Sure to look over the Membership Benefits and Requirements


Membership Benefits

  • Group meeting on the 3rd Saturday of each month to discuss prospects generated by members, lessons learned, exit strategies, make offers, process counter offers.
  • Group walk through of a house needing rehabbing once per month, usually the last Saturday of each month and a home currently being rehabbed
  • Group Webinarl 1st Monday of each month at 8PM
  • Member will have a 2 hour, one-on-one meeting with Barry or with Eric. Member may schedule a second and third one on one meeting in each of the first three months of active membership
  • Barry or Eric will do closing call with member’s seller on a three way call
  • A direct email link will be available to Eric and Barry through Member or Member’s Personal assistant or representative to discuss projects while in the acquisition or liquidation stage. As well as their cell phone numbers
  • Member may bring a spouse or anyone directly involved in his/her business to each meeting.  Member does not have to be present if represented by another who is fully disclosed and approved prior to meeting.  One guest only.
  • All prospects generated will belong to the member doing so and none of the profits will be shared with other group members.
  • Any member may assign any deal to another member and retain the entire assignment fee.
  • Member or Joint Venture Partnership may buy out the other party on any long-term deals with terms mutually agreed upon by both parties.


Membership Requirements

  • An application must be approved before acceptance.
  • Must be willing to share information with the group and participate in discussions and home buying activities.
  • Member is obligated to summit property info sheets each month.
  • Any money needed for deposits, advertising or incidentals will be the responsibility of each member pursuing their own deals. Joint Venture Partnership will not write checks or guarantee debt.  All expenses directly related to the property will be reimbursed prior to profit split.  Member will do banking and accounting for each deal.
  • Member will receive 50% of net profits on deals.
  • Member not required to bring all deals to Joint Venture Partnership. Only those they want help on.
  • To Join Membership a Deposit of $4,500 is required which will be refunded to Member from the first investment done as a partner with Joint Venture Partnership LLC. The deposit of $4,500 will be paid to Member from Joint Venture Partnership’s LLC 50% share of net profits.

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